Effect of insulin on in vitro fermentation activity of microrganism community of rumen ciliate Entodinium caudatum culture


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The influence of insulin (17.4 nmol l−1) on total gas and methane production, the concentration of total and individual fatty acids and dry matter degradability was investigated in the rumen ciliate culture of Entodinium caudatum. The experimental groups consisted of control group (without insulin) and two groups with insulin application—single shot and long-term application (over 30 days). Fermentation activity of each experimental group was observed on two subgroups: whole protozoan culture (protozoa plus bacteria) and bacterial fraction (bacteria without protozoa). Long-term application of insulin significantly increased methane production and DM degradability in the whole protozoan culture. Total VFA concentration was significantly increased by long-term as well as single-dose application of insulin (by 255% and 158%, respectively). The growth of the protozoa was not influenced by insulin treatments. It can be concluded that the fermentation activity of the community of the rumen ciliate Entodinium caudatum culture was marked stimulated by application of insulin.