• Cis-prenyltransferases;
  • Peroxisomes;
  • Dolichols;
  • Methylotrophic yeast


We have investigated dolichol synthesis in yeast Pichia pastoris. Growth of these cells on methanol causes peroxisome proliferation and induction of peroxisomal enzymes. Twenty-four hours methanol treatment was sufficient for the appearance of longer-chain dolichols. Less specific oleic acid induction needed 48 h for the synthesis of longer dolichol family with typical one still present. Cells cultured in non-inducing conditions for 48 h did not reveal the presence of additional dolichol family. Peroxisomes purified from oleic acid treated cells synthesize in vitro polyprenols longer by two isoprene residues than those synthesized by microsomal fraction from glucose culture. These observations lead us to suggest that chain length of dolichols synthesized in yeast cell may depend on the carbon and energy source supply which mobilizes metabolic pathways localized to different cellular compartments.