Microtubules spatial alterations in root cells of Brassica rapa under clinorotation


  • Ia. Kalinina

    Corresponding author
    1. Cell Biology Department, Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2 Tereschenkivska Street, 01601 Kiev, Ukraine
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Tel./fax: +380 442723236. yana.kalinina@mail.ru


Organization of tubulin cytoskeleton in epidermis and cortex cells in different root growth zones in Brassica rapa L. 6-day-old seedlings under clinorotation has been investigated. It was shown that changes in cortical microtubules orientation occur only in the distal elongation zone. In control, cortical microtubule arrays oriented transversely to the root long axis. Whereas under clinorotation an appearance of shorter randomly organized cortical microtubules was observed. Simultaneously, a significant decrease in a cell length in the central elongation zone under clinorotation was revealed. It is suggested that the decline of anisotropic growth, typical for central elongation zone cells, is connected with cortical microtubules disorientation under clinorotation.