Comparison between osteoblasts derived from human dental pulp stem cells and osteosarcoma cell lines


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Stem cells derived from human dental pulp are able to differentiate into osteoblasts and are a potential source of autologous bone. The aim of this study was to compare genes differentially expressed in osteoblastoids from human dental pulp (OHDP) to osteosarcoma cells (OCs).

Human dental pulp was extracted and immersed in a digestive solution. Cells were cultured and selected using c-kit, CD34, CD45 and STRO-1 antibodies. In parallel, two OCs (i.e., SAOS2 and TE85) were cultured. RNA was extracted from different populations of cells and cDNA was used for the hybridisation of human 19.2 K DNA microarrays.

We identified several differences in gene expression between OHDP and OCs. Some down-regulated OHDP genes, such as RUNX1, MAP4K4 and PRDM2, are involved in bone development, cell motility and transcript regulation. Gene expression in OHDP is significantly different from that in OCs, suggesting differences in cell function and activity between these cells.