Effect of hypoxic treatment on bone marrow cells that are able to migrate to the injured liver


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Restricted numbers and poor regenerative properties limit the use of adult stem cells. We tested the effect of hypoxic treatment as a method by which to increase cell migration. Bone marrow cells (BMCs) were cultured under oxygen saturations of 0.1, 3, and 20% for 24 h. After hypoxic treatment, BMCs of apoptotic fraction were decreased. The expression of CXCR4 was noticeably increased in the hypoxia-treated BMCs and their migration in response to SDF-1α was enhanced compared with cells cultured under normoxic condition. Hypoxic BMCs had a higher degree of engraftment to the CCl4-injured liver than the normoxic cells. Hypoxic treatment of BMCs may have merits in decreasing apoptosis of those cells as well as in enhancing cellular migration to SDF-1α, the chemokine which binds to BMCs expressed CXCR4 and to the injured tissue, such as CCl4 damaged liver.