• E2F-1;
  • Overexpression;
  • Gastric cancer;
  • MGC-803 cells;
  • Tumor progression


E2F-1 plays a critical role in cell cycle regulation and other biological processes in cells. E2F-1 mediates apoptosis and suppresses tumorigenesis in many tissue types, but there are few data available on E2F-1 expression and its relationship to tumor kinetics in gastric cancer. To gain better insight into the involvement of E2F-1 in the biological characteristics of gastric tumors, we investigated the effect of E2F-1 overexpression on the progression of gastric carcinoma cells. A gastric cancer cell line stably overexpressing E2F-1 (MGC-803/E2F-1) was established. The influence of E2F-1 overexpression on in vitro cell growth was assessed by measuring cell survival, colony formation, and cell cycle progression. The results clearly show that overexpression of E2F-1 significantly inhibits cell growth and proliferation, blocking entry into the S-phase of the cell cycle. MGC-803/E2F-1 cells also had a higher apoptotic rate than control cells. In addition, E2F-1 reduced the motility and invasion of gastric cancer cells.