• Mouse melanoma cells;
  • Tumor stem-like cells;
  • Side population cells;
  • Identification


Increasingly more evidence shows that TSCs possess the characteristics of stem-like cells. However, a link between stem cells and TSCs remains to be shown. We have sorted SP cells and non-SP cells from the B16F10 cell lines by FACS, and then studied their cellular biological characteristics by using a SFCM culture method, proliferative assay in vitro, clone formation assays in soft agar and normal media, tumorigenic assays in C57BL/6 mice, and resistance to chemotherapy assay in vitro, the quantitative detecting expression of ABCG2 and their CD phenotype analysis by a FCM. We detected 0.96% SP cells in the B16F10 cells and found that they had obvious differences in characteristics from non-SP cells. They possessed a marked capacity for self-renewal in soft agar and culture medium, strong tumorigenic potential in C57BL/6 mice, apparent resistance to vinblastin in vitro, upregulated ABCG2 expression, and a high expression of CD44+CD133+CD24+ phenotypes. We conclude that there were a few of SP cells that had the characteristics of tumor stem-like cells which may provide a useful tool and a readily accessible source for further study when specific TSCs markers are unknown.