Prognostic implication of CDC25A and cyclin E expression on primary breast cancer patients


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Defect in cell cycle control is a hallmark character of cancer. We have investigated the association of Ki67 labeling index, cyclin E and CDC25A expressions with clinical follow-up data in breast carcinomas. Flow cytometry was used to detect gene amplification of cyclins in 44 tumor tissue with invasive breast carcinomas. Multivariate Cox proportional hazard ratio test was used to show the correlations. Cyclin E or CDC25A were upregulated in 34% of the tumors. Among the whole total material, expression of cyclin E and of CDC25A were found upregulated in 31.9% and 39.4% of cells, respectively. Both CDC25A and cyclin E protein expression levels were correlated with Ki67 expression level (p < 0.001). In addition, the expression of CDC25A was associated significantly with poor survival (P = 0.028), whereas no correlation was found with cyclin E. These findings suggest a possible prognostic value for CDC25A as a cell cycle marker and may imply in characteristic of high risk breast cancer patients.