• Dimethylfumarate;
  • NF-κB;
  • MMP;
  • Metastasis;
  • Invasion


NF-κB acts as a signal transducer during tumor progression, cell invasion, and metastasis. Dimethylfumarate (DMF) is reported to inhibit tumor necrosis factor-α-induced nuclear entry of NF-κB/p65. However, only a few reports suggest that DMF inhibits tumor metastasis; also the molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of metastasis are poorly understood. We investigated the inhibition of tumor invasion and metastasis by DMF in a melanoma cell line, B16BL6. DMF inhibited B16BL6 cell invasion and metastasis by suppressing the expression and activities of MMPs. DMF also inhibited the nuclear entry of NF-κB/p65, thus inhibiting B16BL6 cell invasion and metastasis. These results suggest that DMF is potentially useful as an anti-metastatic agent for the treatment of malignant melanoma.