Macrolide-affected Toll-like receptor 4 expression from Helicobacter pylori-infected monocytes does not modify interleukin-8 production


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Macrolide antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect by suppressing lipopolysaccharide-induced IL-8 production. IL-8 secretion from monocytes is observed in Helicobacter pylori infection. Although cag gene products are known to induce IL-8 secretion, whether other bacterial substances can initiate the reaction is not determined. In this study, we show that clarithromycin induced down-regulation of Toll-like receptor 4 expression and did not lead to a decrease in IL-8 production and H. pylori lipopolysaccharide. However, Toll-like receptor 4 activation was possibly not the main cause in the induction of inflammation during H. pylori infection.