• Enterococcus;
  • rep-PCR;
  • (GTG)5-PCR;
  • Identification;
  • Bryndza;
  • Water


A set of reference strains and a group of previously unidentified enterococci were analysed by rep-PCR with the (GTG)5 primer to evaluate the discriminatory power and suitability of this method for typing and identification of enterococcal species. A total of 49 strains representing all validly described species were obtained from bacterial collections. For more extensive evaluation of this identification approach 112 well-defined and identified enterococci isolated from bryndza cheese were tested. The (GTG)5-PCR fingerprinting assigned all strains into well-differentiated clusters representing individual species. Subsequently, a group including 44 unidentified enterococci isolated from surface waters was analysed to evaluate this method for identification of unknown isolates. Obtained band patterns allowed us to identify all the strains clearly to the species level. This study proved that rep-PCR with (GTG)5 primer is a reliable and fast method for species identification of enterococci.