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Finding Midwifery in Administrative Data Systems


  • Donna Diers RN, PhD

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    • Donna Diers, RN, PhD, is the Annie W. Goodrich Professor Emerita at the Yale University School of Nursing and the Senior Clinical Coordinator—Decision Support, Yale New Haven Health System, New Haven, Connecticut.

Donna Diers, RN, PhD, Yale School of Nursing, 100 Church Street South, P.O. Box 9740, New Haven, CT 06536. E-mail:


Nurse-midwifery has accomplished remarkable clinical, policy, and political achievements using specially-collected data. Today, midwifery practice data can be found in existing administrative data systems: birth registration, hospital data depositories, and claims files. Issues in finding midwifery as practice and profession in these data systems are discussed. Improving the integrity of data that reveal midwives as caregivers should be a priority.