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Cultural Aspects in the Care of the Orthodox Jewish Woman


  • Bayla Berkowitz CNM, MSN

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    • Bayla Berkowitz, CNM, MSN, has recently graduated from the Nurse-Midwifery program at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore, MD. She is currently working as a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator.

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This article offers an overview and explanation of some of the main customs and laws in the Jewish religion surrounding the reproductive health care of the Torah-observant woman. By understanding the religious and spiritual needs and preferences of a patient, the midwife is better able to provide optimal, culturally-competent care. Some of the aspects discussed include procreation, menstruation, modesty, contraception, abortion, genetic testing, induction, the Sabbath, Kosher diet, circumcision, and naming of the child.