Innovative Midwifery Teaching for Medical Students and Residents


  • Elizabeth M. Cooper CNM, EdD

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    • Elizabeth M. Cooper, CNM, EdD, FACNM, completed her midwifery education at Columbia University and her doctorate in higher education from the University of Rochester. She has been on the full-time faculty of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology since 1975, where she is currently an associate professor and Director of the Midwifery Division.

Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester Medical Center, 601 Elmwood Ave., Box 668, Rochester, NY 14642. E-mail:


Many midwives are full-time faculty members of departments of obstetrics and gynecology in academic medical centers. As such, they contribute to the medical school's educational mission by teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students in both the clinical area and in didactic lectures. Midwives are also instrumental in the development of many innovative electives, workshops, and lectures, which provide students and residents with more exposure to the midwifery model of care. This article presents some of these innovations.