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Antidepressant Medication Use in Pregnancy


  • Barbara Hackley CNM, MSN

    Assistant Director, Corresponding authorSearch for more papers by this author
    • Barbara Hackley, CNM, MSN, is the Assistant Director for Women's Health at Montefiore Medical Center, South Bronx Health Center for Children and Families (SBHCCF)/Childrens Health Fund, Bronx, NY, and is an Associate Professor at Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, CT. She has clinical experience working collaboratively with the mental health team at the SBHCCF and has presented at national conferences on the topic of the provision of mental health care by primary care providers.

Women's Health Services, Montefiore South Bronx Health Center for Children and Families, 871 Prospect Ave., Bronx, NY 10459. E-mail:


Depression has been estimated to occur in approximately 12% of women, making it one of the most commonly encountered medical conditions affecting pregnancy. Yet many health care providers feel unprepared to manage this condition in pregnancy. This article provides women's health providers the background needed to effectively manage depression and in particular focuses on the use of antidepressant medication in pregnancy.