• dental caries;
  • dietary patterns;
  • low-income women;
  • oral health;
  • pregnancy

Introduction: The objectives of this study were to collect preliminary data related to self-reported dental problems, dental health–related nutrient intake, and acidogenic meal and snack composition intake during early pregnancy in low-income women and to assess the feasibility of current research methods for use in a larger study.

Methods: Low-income women (n = 13) in the first trimester of pregnancy participated in this study. Pregnant women completed a demographic questionnaire, participated in three 24-hour dietary recalls, and answered several questions related to their oral health status and frequency of dental visits.

Results: Preliminary data suggest that women in this study were susceptible to dental problems and consumed acidogenic meals and snacks. Protocol data suggest that it is feasible to implement current research protocols, with adaptations, for use in a larger study.

Discussion: Health care professionals should assess low-income pregnant women in early pregnancy for dental problems and acidogenic meal and snack patterns and provide referrals to appropriate health professionals and community health services.