Resulting from the elections held in Buenos Aires on September 21 during the General Assembly, the composition of the new Executive Committee of the WPA is the following:

President: Pedro Ruiz (USA)

President-Elect: Dinesh Bhugra (UK)

Secretary General: Levent Kuey (Turkey)

Secretary for Finances: Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan)

Secretary for Meetings: Tarek Okasha (Egypt)

Secretary for Education: Edgard E. Belfort (Venezuela)

Secretary for Publications: Michelle B. Riba (USA)

Secretary for Sections: Afzal Javed (UK)

The composition of the new Board of the Association is the following:

Zone 1 (Canada): Donna E. Stewart (Canada)

Zone 2 (United States of America): John S. McIntyre (USA)

Zone 3 (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean): Mauricio A. Sanchez (Nicaragua)

Zone 4 (Northern South America): Fabrizio Delgado Campodonico (Ecuador)

Zone 5 (Southern South America): José Geraldo Vernet Taborda (Brazil)

Zone 6 (Western Europe): Linda Gask (UK)

Zone 7 (Northern Europe): Henrik Wahlberg (Sweden)

Zone 8 (Southern Europe): Miquel Roca Bennasar (Spain)

Zone 9 (Central Europe): Jiri Raboch (Czech Republic)

Zone 10 (Eastern Europe): Petr Morozov (Russia)

Zone 11 (Northern Africa): Driss Moussaoui (Morocco)

Zone 12 (Middle East): Walid Sarhan (Jordan)

Zone 13 (Western and Central Africa): Joseph Adeyemi (Nigeria)

Zone 14 (Southern and Eastern Africa): Solomon Rataemane (South Africa)

Zone 15 (Western and Central Asia): S. Ahmad Jalili (Iran)

Zone 16 (Southern Asia): Manickam Thirunavukarasu (India)

Zone 17 (Eastern Asia): Min-Soo Lee (Republic of Korea)

Zone 18 (Australasia and South Pacific): Francis Agnew (New Zealand)