Chummidae, a new spider family (Arachnida, Araneae) from South Africa



The paper reports on a new family of spiders from the eastern Cape region in South Africa. Chummidae, new family, are small, three-clawed spiders, recognized by the abdomen with strong dorsal scutum, provided with a frontal field of stiff macrosetae in large sockets. Further apomorphies are the absence of a fovea, the reduction of posterior and median spinnerets, the absence of major ampullate gland spigots, and the presence of branched lateral tracheae and of a hair-basket around the cheliceral fang. The type genus Chumma, is represented by two species, both known from male and female – the type species C. inquieta sp. nov. and C. gastroperforata sp. nov. The males of the latter species are remarkable for having two pairs of abdominal pockets, which play a role during mating.