Robert A. Langel III (1937–2000)



Robert (Bob) Langel died on February 9, 2000, in Blacksburg,Virginia, after a three-month illness. Bob was a member of the AGU since 1968 and a Fellow since 1989. He pioneered measurement, separation, charting, and interpretation of the multitude of magnetic fields observed in near-Earth space. His special gift was in bringing together workers in fields as diverse as rock magnetism, tectonics, core-flow modeling, ionospheric physics, and applied mathematics, and in learning from them all. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1937), and raised in Ohio. He earned a B.S. in physics at Wheaton College, Illinois (1959), and subsequently spent his entire professional career as a federal scientist, first at the Naval Research Laboratory (1959–1962) and then with NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center until his retirement in 1997.