Sequence Stratigraphy—Concepts and Applications: Norwegian Petroleum Society, Special Publication No. 8



As prefaced by the authors, this special publication of the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) stems from a conference, titled “Predictive High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy,” sponsored by the society. The first half of the book consists of six studies dedicated to a conceptual overview of sequence stratigraphy and stratigraphic simulation applications and philosophies, while the second half focuses on 12 studies covering high-resolution sequence descriptions relating to the distribution and modeling of hydrocarbon reservoirs in the North Sea basin.While the high-resolution theme is beautifully developed and illustrated in regards to conveying the characteristics of reservoir sands, the supporting modeling studies are somewhat limited, showing a strong emphasis on two-dimensional geometric formulations. Simulations are presented for depositional stratigraphic systems in locales such as the United States, North and Barents Sea basins, and Bangladesh.