Paleomagnetic Principles and Practice



Paleomagnetism is a discipline that gives a historical perspective to geophysics; it tells us about the temporal behavior of the Earth. Plate tectonics and seafloor spreading are quantitatively supported by paleopoles and ocean-bottom magnetic anomalies. Paleosecular variation of the magnetic field, including its occasional reversal, provides us with a magnetostratigraphic timescale and reveals the dynamic nature of the Earth's core. Paleomagnetism is used for studying the paleoenvironment and rock formation, as well as for dating archaeological objects. Given such interdisciplinary utility, there is a need for a summary of the measurement and data analysis methods employed, and in this respect, Lisa Tauxe's Paleomagnetic Principles and Practice is a welcome arrival. (Editors Note: Tauxe is a former Eos editor)