Integrated Earth and Environmental Evolution of the Southwestern United States: The Clarence A. Hall Jr., Volume



This Geological Society of America (GSA) volume was produced in honor of Clarence Hall, Professor of Geology at the University of California, Los Angeles, after his retirement, to call attention to his “administrative and scientific contributions as well as to his dynamic, visionary leadership” (editors' introduction). The volume has 23 papers and is divided into four sections.

In the first paper of the volume, “Archean Tectonics and Magmatism,” Warren Hamilton does one of the things he does best: stir up controversy! As a longtime fan of the greenstone belt literature, I found Hamilton's summary of the case against Archean plate tectonics very convincing. In contrast, his arguments that ”plumes probably do not exist in the modern Earth“ (and therefore should not be used to explain Archean geology) are completely unconvincing and ignore a wealth of seismological evidence for present-day plumes and superplumes.