Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Santorini Volcano



What is it about Santorini (Thera) that attracts volcanologists? This small archipelago in the Aegean has captivated volcanic pilgrims since Fouque published his geologic study of the volcanic field in 1879 [Fouqué, 1879].It must be the combination of its spectacular setting, rising out of the blue waters of the Aegean, the remarkable exposures that lay open its violent past for everyone to see, or possibly the slower pace of life and remarkable Greek hospitality Perhaps it is the Lower Bronze Age town of Akrotiri, destroyed yet preserved by a large explosive eruption 3600 years ago. There are thousands of volcanoes yet to be studied on our planet, but for 140 years, groups of volcanologists have regularly visited this flooded caldera complex to add yet another bit of information to the foundation laid by Fouqué.