Hurricanes' hydrological, ecological effects linger in major U.S. estuary


  • Hans W. Paerl,

    1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute of Marine Sciences, Morehead City, NC 28557 USA
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  • Jerad D. Bales,

  • Larry W. Ausley,

  • Christopher P. Buzzelli,

  • Larry B. Crowder,

  • Lisa A. Eby,

  • Malia Go,

  • Benjamin L. Peierls,

  • Tammi L. Richardson,

  • Joseph S. Ramus


A year ago, eastern North Carolina was hit over a six-week period by three large hurricanes. The large-scale environmental effects began to be recorded as soon as each one subsided; the scientific underpinnings of their longer-term effects continue to be analyzed. This article details the short and longer-term effects on the hydrology and biota of Pamlico Sound, the second largest estuary in the United States.