It all started last October, when I began working in Senator Joseph Lieberman's office. Everything seemed normal. I was given a few things to read, made the rounds meeting people, and set up my computer account. That lasted an hour. By noon, I had 15 e-mails, all with interesting pieces of information that I had no idea what to do with: a briefing on Smart Growth, our success in obtaining funding for the Long Island Sound Office, an update on this week's crude oil reserves, and—something I became very familiar with—“JIL on CNN now!”, a message always accompanied with the red “URGENT!” sign. Soon enough, I heard all the miniature TVs, an item found on every senate staffer's desk, re-tune and heard our boss giving his latest thoughts on prescription drugs. By the end of the week, I was keeping an eye on the budget negotiations on C-Span and tracking the outcome of our bills, writing memos and press releases—including quotes for a boss I still had not met—and sending out a fair number of e-mails myself!