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Seismologists celebrate the new millennium with an experiment in central Europe


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A large consortium of European and North American institutions—28 in all—recently completed a huge active source seismic experiment focused on Central Europe. This experiment is called Central European Lithospheric Experiment Based on Refraction, or CELEBRATION 2000. It targeted the structure and evolution of the complex collage of major tectonic features in the Trans-European suture zone (TESZ) region, as well as the southwestern portion of the East European craton (southern Baltica), the Carpathian Mountains, the Pannonian basin, and the Bohemian massif (Figure 1). The TESZ region (Caledonides-Tornquist Teisseyre zone area, Figure 1) can be thought of as a broad zone of deformation that extends across Europe from the British Isles to the Black Sea region.