Workshop explores seismogenic zone drilling in the Nankai trough



Drilling into the seismogenic zone of an active convergent plate margin and installing a deep borehole observatory in its subduction megathrust are high priorities for the early stages of the new Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). The Nankai Trough off southwest Japan is one of the most active great earthquake-generating regions on Earth. Nankai has long been treated as a focused study area in the Deep Sea Drilling Program (DSDP) and ODF, representing a type locality for forearcs with well-developed accretionary prisms.

Fifty scientists from seven countries recently met in Tokyo to prepare a preliminary proposal for IODP seismogenic zone drilling in the Nankai Trough to characterize the composition, deformation microstructures, and physical properties of the seismogenic zone rocks at in situ conditions.