The Svecofennian-Karelian-Lapland-Kola Transect (SVEKALAPKO) project is one of the five multidisciplinary key projects of Europrobe, a scientific program of the European Science Foundation (ESF) that studies the tectonic evolution of European continental lithosphere [Gee and Zeyen, 1996]. The SVEKALAPKO project [Hjelt and Daly, 1996] has adopted a multidisciplinary approach that uses geological, penological, and geophysical methods to unravel the evolution of the crust and lower lithosphere in three major crustal segments of the Fennoscandian Shield: the Proterozoic Svecofennian and Lapland-Kola orogens and the intervening Archaean Karelia craton. Improved knowledge of the structure and evolution of the Fennoscandian Shield should lead to a better understanding of plate-tectonic processes in the early history of the Earth.