Nonturbulent layers in polar summer mesosphere: 2. Application of wavelet analysis to VHF scattering


  • C. M. Alcala,

  • M. C. Kelley


In a companion paper [Alcala et al., this issue] we presented a wavelet analysis of rocket data obtained simultaneously with a VHF radar during a polar mesosphere summer echo event. Here we apply scattering theory to each of the wavelets in the reconstructed function and add up the individual electric fields scattered from the volume illuminated by the radar. The resulting scattering profile is quite similar to that observed if we take into account a small tilt of the layer, consistent with the present rocket data and with other rocket and radar measurements during similar conditions. The scattering power is overestimated by about an order of magnitude. This can be explained by either a scattering structure a factor of 5 smaller than the Fresnel scale, a tilt in the scattering layer, or a combination of the two effects.