Bistatic form of the electric field equations for the scattering of vertically polarized high-frequency ground wave radiation from slightly rough, good conducting surfaces


  • E. W. Gill,

  • J. Walsh


The scattering of high-frequency (HF) electromagnetic radiation from slightly rough, good conducting surfaces for the case of bistatic reception is examined. In this work, the scattering surface is considered to be time invariant and to be representable by a two-dimensional Fourier series. The source is taken to be a continuously excited elementary vertical dipole whose current distribution is arbitrary. Thus the basis is provided for the introduction of any desired source waveform. The convolution integrals resulting from earlier analyses are treated asymtotically, primarily via stationary phase techniques. The physical relevance of the stationary points derived from the first 2 orders of scatter is discussed. The various field components presented for the time-invariant surface may be easily extended to time-varying surfaces and subsequently to deducing the high-frequency cross sections of highly conducting surfaces such as that of the ocean.