Correct characterization of guided electromagnetic waves in chirowaveguides of arbitrary cross sections


  • Le-Wei Li,

  • Mook-Seng Leong,

  • Seh-Ngi Lim,

  • Tat-Soon Yeo


The eigenvalue problem for the determination of propagating modes in a lossless and homogeneous chirowaveguide of arbitrary cross section is again considered in this paper. A corrected analysis of the characteristic equations and the behaviors of the wave modes is made, based on the work by Eftimiu and Pearson [1989] who incorrectly formulated the problem. As an example of the application of the generalized analysis to some specific cases, a circular cylindrical chirowaveguide is then considered in the theoretical and numerical investigations. Through the solution of the characteristic equation, a dependency of cutoff wavenumbers of the various eigenmodes upon the chirality values is found.