Introduction to the special section: Photolysis and radiolysis of outer solar system ices (PROSSI)


  • Deborah Domingue,

  • Louis Allamandola


Ices are an integral component of many extraterrestrial objects, from grains in the interstellar medium (ISM) to comets and planetary surfaces. Their physical properties and the chemistry of their behavior are affected by many different processes, among the most prevalent being photolysis and radiolysis. Both laboratory and theoretical studies have focused on understanding how these two processes affect the structure and chemistry of ices. In order to bring together the various scientific communities studying solar system ices (from those involved in laboratory and theoretical studies to those who observe ices in their various habitats) and access the current understanding of our knowledge base, the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory hosted a 3-day NASA-sponsored workshop on photolysis and radiolysis of outer solar system ices (PROSSI) in March of 2000.