Postwall waveguide slot array with cosecant radiation pattern and null filling for base station antennas in local multidistributed systems



[1] The authors propose to use planar antennas of waveguide slots with the simple structure of postwall waveguide for base station antennas in Local Multipoint Distribution Systems (LMDS). The array has a cosecant radiation pattern with null filling in the vertical plane for uniform illumination in a sector area. The slots are paired as an element to achieve traveling wave excitation because the phase, as well as the amplitude, has to be controlled for null filling in a cosecant pattern. It is the first time to design an array of reflection-canceling slot pairs to get a tapered distribution both in amplitude and phase. This paper extends the designability of the reflection-canceling slot arrays. A 16-element array is designed at 25–26 GHz band. The model array has a cosecant pattern with 3-dB deviations and a peak gain of 17.1 dBi in measurements.