Arctic-CHAMP:A program to study arctic hydrology and its role in global change


  • Charles Vörösmarty,

    1. Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA
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  • Larry Hinzman,

  • Bruce Peterson,

  • David Bromwich,

  • Lawrence Hamilton,

  • James Morison,

  • Vladimir Romanovsky,

  • Matthew Sturm,

  • Robert Webb


The Arctic constitutes a unique and important environment that is central to the dynamics and evolution of the Earth system. The Arctic water cycle, which controls countless physical, chemical, and biotic processes, is also unique and important. These processes, in turn, regulate the climate, habitat, and natural resources that are of great importance to both native and industrial societies. Comprehensive understanding of water cycling across the Arctic and its linkage to global biogeophysical dynamics is a scientific as well as strategic policy imperative.