Volcanoes in America's National Parks



Such fun Bob and Barbara Decker are having in their “retirement” years! After distinguished academic and government careers, Bob and his wife Barbara have established productive second careers as authors of popular guidebooks to America's national parks, and they have managed to travel extensively for research on books yet to be published. The Deckers have identified 39 volcano-related national parks and National Monuments in the United States, and offer Volcanoes in America's National Parks to introduce readers to most of them.

This attractive, well-bound, soft-cover book begins with a concise 48-page introduction to modern volcanology with lucid explanations of eruptive processes, volcanic features, and why volcanoes form where they do. The descriptions of individual parks that follow are brief, but they give essential information about the geologic and human history of each park, with well-written explanations of how individual volcanic features of scenic interest formed.