Past deep-ocean circulation and the paleoclimate record-Gulf of Cadiz


  • T. Mulder,

  • T. P. Lecroart,

  • M. Voisset,

  • J. Schönfeld,

  • E. Le Drezen,

  • E. Gonthier,

  • V. Hanquiez,

  • R. Zahn,

  • J.-C. Faugères,

  • F. J. Hernandez-Molina,

  • E. Llave-Barranco,

  • A. Gervais,

  • CADISAR and IMAGES V-GINNA scientific teams


Deep marine currents are strongly influenced by climatic changes. They also deposit, rework, and sort sediment, and can generate kilometer-scale sedimentary bodies (drifts). These drifts are made of thoroughly bioturbated, stacked sedimentary sequences called contourites [Gonthier et al., 1984]. As a consequence, change in the direction or intensity of currents can be recorded in the sediments.