Western North Atlantic Paleogene and Cretaceous Paleoceanography, Geological Society Special Publication No. 183



Many of us who have been associated with ocean drilling for a long time possess shelf after shelf of thick, meaty Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Blue Books and Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) volumes. At least one volume was produced to describe the results of each 2-month drilling leg, and these were followed by papers and data reports on post-cruise research.

These treasure troves of data and descriptions have been extensively plundered by enterprising synthesizers of ocean history. Their beauty lies in the collective wisdom accumulated in a single volume. Stratigraphic details and myriads of measurements tied to downhole lithology provide unlimited possibilities for interesting interpretation and speculation. Lamentably, to some, publication of these volumes ceased several years ago and electronic archives in the form of CD-ROMs and Internet-accessible publications took their place, in part. As a result, the ODP publications now contain primarily shipboard results, and the post-cruise scientific papers have migrated to outside journals.