[1] We compare here the air-sea exchange coefficient for CO2 estimated with monthly mean wind speed measured by the Special Sensing Microwave Imager (SSM/I), KS, and by the scatterometer QuikSCAT, KQ, for the year 2000. KS and KQ present the same patterns, although are larger than in ∼65% of the world ocean. Zonal mean KS are consistently larger, except ∼50°S and north of 10°S in the Indian Ocean. Global oceanic uptake, FQ, estimated using KQ and climatological ΔpCO2 ranges from 0.43 (July) to 2.6 Gt C y−1 (December). The global sink estimated from SSM/I is ∼10% larger than FQ for most of the year. This comparison supports the use of SSM/I to quantify interannual variability of the global exchange coefficient of CO2.