Solar variations in extremely low frequency propagation parameters: 2. Observations of Schumann resonances and computation of the ELF attenuation parameter



[1] Observations of resonant electromagnetic fields caused by global lightning activity are employed in determining the averaged parameters of the lower ionosphere. Using the two-dimensional telegraph equation (TDTE) transmission line model described by Kuequation imageak et al. [2003], we have computed the attenuation rate of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide from diurnal observations of the N-S magnetic component of the ELF field performed irregularly for 6 years in the East Carpathian mountains. As the measurements were carried out during both the minimum and the maximum of the solar cycle 23 we present how solar activity influence the first Schumann resonance frequency and the attenuation rate. The analysis of all the data indicates that the first Schumann resonance frequency increases from 7.75 Hz at solar minimum to about 7.95 Hz at solar maximum while the global mean attenuation rate α at 8 Hz varies from 0.31 dB/Mm at minimum to about 0.26 dB/Mm at maximum.