Auxiliary material for this article contains the CAPRAM 2.4 (MODAC mechanism) (Chemical Aqueous Phase Radical Mechanism, Model Development for Tropospheric Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry), CAPRAM 2.4 reduced and CAPRAM 2.3 aqueous phase chemical mechanisms. The file also contains the initial concentrations for the three CAPRAM standard scenarios, urban, remote, and marine. The applied emissions and depositions are also included, among with uptake parameters, Henry's law constants, mass accommodation coefficients, and gas phase diffusion coefficients. The mechanism based on the former version 2.3 [Herrmann et al., 2000] contains extended organic and transition metal chemistry and is formulated more explicitly based on a critical review of the literature. After detailed discussion, the set of uptake parameters and reaction rate constants was updated. This differs in some cases from the set used in CAPRAM 2.33 All the data is organized in tables, which are incorporated in the file.

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