Operational carbon monoxide retrieval algorithm and selected results for the MOPITT instrument



[1] Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) is a new remote sensing instrument aboard the Earth Observing System (EOS) “Terra” satellite which exploits gas correlation radiometry principles to quantify tropospheric concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4). The MOPITT CO retrieval algorithm employs a nonlinear optimal estimation method to iteratively solve for the CO profile which is statistically most consistent with both the satellite-measured radiances and a priori information. The algorithm's theoretical basis is described in terms of the observed radiances and their weighting functions, the a priori information, and the retrieval averaging kernels. Examples of actual CO retrievals over scenes with contrasting pollution conditions are demonstrated, and interpreted in the context of the retrieval averaging kernels and a priori.