High-latitude plasma structure and scintillation



[1] Observations of high-latitude plasma structure and scintillation are presented from the January 2001 scintillation campaign timeframe. Comparisons are made using the all-sky imager and two beacon-satellite ground receivers located at Sondrestrom, Greenland. The Coherent Ionospheric Doppler Receiver (CIDR) observes 150- and 400-MHz signals transmitted from low-Earth-orbiting satellites. The 250-MHz polar beacon-satellite system observes signals from highly elliptical orbiting satellites. F region patches, F region precipitation arcs, and auroral arcs were observed. Intermediate-scale structure was observed on the leading and trailing edges of patches prior to exiting the polar cap. Banded structure was observed across an F region arc. Additional beacon-satellite receivers in Greenland and Alaska provide a unique opportunity to study the spatial distribution and temporal evolution of patch structures and their associated scintillation.