Is it just a rise in the mean sea level?



I have a suggestion for those numerous authors who almost invariably say that after a certain amount of land-supported ice melts, the sea level will rise “so much.” It would be much more correct to say that the oceans will get “so much” deeper.

As is well known, there are over a dozen reasons for mean sea level changes. When land-supported ice melts, the amount of water in oceans increases and all of the oceans get deeper. This will cause an immediate increase in the pressure on every square meter of the ocean floor, which covers approximately 70% of Earth's surface. Due to the isostatic equilibrium between large surface areas, it would not be unreasonable to expect that the ocean floor would start to sink due to the increased pressure, and the rest of the Earth's surface—that is, the continents—will start to rise, especially where the ice melted.