A new generation of global coverage sea surface temperature data



The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) is an international project that has been established to develop global operational ocean analysis and prediction systems. Through the period 2003–2007, GODAE aims to demonstrate the benefits and utility of operational ocean products for a wide variety of applications. GODAE requires high spatial and temporal resolution sea surface temperature (SST) observations, in real time, to properly constrain the upper ocean circulation and thermal structure. No such products exist today for the global domain, and in response, the GODAE high-resolution sea surface temperature pilot project (GHRSST-PP) was established to address this need. The GHRSST-PP will implement a demonstration system that will take advantage of different satellite instruments and in situ SST sensors. For example, satellite microwave SST measurements are unaffected by clouds and now provide daily global coverage of the entire ocean at 25-km resolution (except in areas of heavy rainfall).