Tectonic study of continental orogens involves distilling knowledge about lithospheric processes from a relatively small number of geologically intricate, unique examples. Thus, we may anticipate that each example has something to teach us, and, conversely, that there is scientific value in advancing knowledge of every example. From this perspective, GSA Special Paper 360 represents a significant contribution.

Tectonic Evolution of the Bering Shelf-Chukchi Sea-Arctic Margin and Adjacent Landmasses promises and delivers a great deal of new or newly compiled data pertinent to regional tectonics of the western Arctic. Owing to its geographic remoteness and severe climate, this area has heretofore been poorly known. Data presented range from seismic reflection profiles to metamorphic thermobarometry from isotopic geochronology to biostratigraphy from petrochemistry to paleomagnetism,from regional seismotectonics to geologic maps.