Geophysical Research Letters

Visualization of ULF waves in SuperDARN data



[1] Measurements of ionospheric E × B drifts obtained with HF radars from the SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar) Network sometimes show signatures of ULF (few mHz) waves. We present a new data display technique that facilitates the detection of ULF waves in both ground and sea scatter returns. Statistical study of high time resolution data from the SuperDARN TIGER radar in Tasmania, Australia, revealed that ULF wave signatures occur on an everyday basis with ground scatter accounting for about 60% of wave events. About half of these events exhibit high coherence across large spatial distances and are associated with ULF pulsations recorded by a ground magnetometer. These results show that SuperDARN radars may be used to routinely monitor ULF waves in the high-latitude ionosphere.