• HF modification experiments;
  • artificial airglow onset

[1] Observations of airglow at 630 nm (red line) and 557.7 nm (green line) during the February 2002 campaign at the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) heating facility are analyzed. We find that during injections toward magnetic zenith (MZ) the green and red lines gain ∼5 R within ∼1 s and ∼20 R within ∼10 s, respectively. We term this period the onset of the HF-induced airglow. A model of the onset at magnetic zenith is developed. It accounts for background photoelectrons and dissociative recombination of O2+. It is shown that heating and acceleration of background electrons dominate the airglow onset. We propose a scenario for the generation of strong Langmuir turbulence for injections outside the Spitze region, including magnetic zenith.