• land mine;
  • radar;
  • antenna

[1] An array of radars is developed as a standoff sensor for use in seismic/elastic mine detection systems. The array consists of N radar sensors which operate independently to sense the displacement of the surface of Earth due to elastic waves propagating in Earth. Each of the sensors consists of a lens-focused, conical, corrugated, horn antenna and a homodyne radar. The focused antenna allows the sensor to have greater standoff than with the previous unfocused antenna while maintaining the spatial resolution required for a mine detection system. By using an array of N sensors instead of a single sensor, the scan rate of the array is improved by a factor of N. A theoretical model for the focused antenna is developed, and an array of two radars is developed and used to validate the theoretical model. The array is tested in the experimental model for the seismic mine detection system. Results from the experimental model are presented.