Design and realization of a discretely loaded resistive vee dipole for ground-penetrating radars



[1] A discretely loaded resistive vee dipole (RVD) is designed and realized for use in ground-penetrating radar (GPR) applications. The RVD is a good antenna for GPR applications because it can radiate a temporally short pulse into a small spot on the ground, and its low radar cross section mostly eliminates the multiple reflections between the surface of the ground and the antenna. The antenna presented in this paper is printed on a circuit board and is discretely loaded with off-the-shelf surface-mount chip resistors. The resulting structure is easy and inexpensive to manufacture and is mechanically stable. The realized antenna is measured in terms of the radiated field and the reflected voltage in the feeding transmission line. The results are compared with those of the antenna with the same resistive loading without substrate. The effects of the transmission line impedance on the performance of the antenna are also presented.