The Sun's Surface and Subsurface. Investigating Shape and Irradiance



Since the Sun's radiative output establishes the Earth's thermal environment, knowing the source and nature of its variability is essential for understanding and predicting the interactions in the Earth-Sun system, among which are climate changes and the energy balance, photochemistry, and dynamics of the middle and upper atmosphere. The Sun's Surface and Subsurface brilliantly demonstrates how precise measurements of the Sun's properties, such as the solar diameter, oblateness, irradiance, and oscillation frequencies of normal modes provide insight into the structure and dynamics of the deep interior and the physical mechanisms of solar variability.

This relatively compact book provides a comprehensive review of the basic principles, methodology, and tools for studying the solar variability. The main focus is on measurements and interpretation of the solar properties rather than on theory. It provides both an excellent introduction to the field and an exciting review of the recent advances in solar observations from the ground and space.